Why credit unions need one-to-one messaging to build profitable member connections

What you’ll learn

Consumers are increasingly turning to digital solutions in order to manage their daily needs. By taking advantage of today’s technologically advanced world, there are many opportunities for credit unions to innovate and enhance member experience, beginning with building meaningful and authentic connections with members.

Research is projecting a 80% increase in text messages going out to consumers across all industries over the next year. As more businesses communicate with consumers using one-to-one text messaging, CUs who do not adopt the technology risk losing members. In addition, text messaging has an almost non-existent opt-out rate. For financial institutions, integrating a direct text messaging solution can improve the bottom-line by a mile.

Key takeaways:

  • Why credit union marketing strategies should prioritize member engagement
  • Elements required to achieve seamless member engagement
  • How credit unions can integrate personalized marketing and one-to-one messaging to provide quality member engagement
  • Overcoming the risks associated with digital transformation

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