The most profitable way
to engage your customer base.

Statflo's TextKit is the leading, most impactful one-to-one business text messaging platform for customer-facing teams.

Embed enterprise-grade messaging into any system
Reply rates of >40% while growing retention by 25%
5X the conversion rate of other channels
Enforce legal, security and brand compliance

Use TextKit to outperform every other channel by 5X

Read rate
from one-to-one text messages
Response rate
from conversations in TextKit
Conversion rate
and 22% increase in same-location retention
Less opt outs
than automated, mass messaging

The most flexible and secure business text messaging platform

Assign conversations to front-line users with open APIs.

Quickly toggle between different conversations, connect to your existing campaigns, and auto-assign outreach to your frontline.

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Send the right message every time

Trained by millions of conversations, Chat Starters increase your response rates and ensure every conversation starts the right way.

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Reach your customers over their preferred channel

Don't be confined to SMS - use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, RCS, and more to engage your customers using their preferred business text messaging channel.

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Every word matters: Control what gets said and what gets sent

Whether a conversation is initiated by your front-line or your customers, protect your brand and enforce compliance with intelligent filtering that blocks profanity, inappropriate content, and non-approved language.

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Integrate the best of the web in every conversation

Your front-line already has too many browser tabs to manage. Incorporate your existing sales and marketing technology in a single platform and do more business over text: send payment links, request e-signatures, set up video calls, and so much more.

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Make every interaction relevant

Ensure your front-line has context on every customer before they send a message with widgets, configurable views of relevant customer data from external systems.

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Tens of thousands of customer-facing teams trust Statflo

What Nick Cunliffe from OSL Retail Services thinks of Statflo
"We stand by the results we drive for our customers and Statflo gives us the confidence that every interaction establishes long-term relationships."
Nick Cunliffe
Managing Director, OSL Retail Services
What Wendy Drummond from Premier Locations thinks of Statflo
"Even when we were closed and did not have any frontline employees to communicate with the customers, our customers were able to reach us through Statflo."
Elvin Berndt
VP of Sales & Business Development, R Wireless
What Derek Lindstrom from NGW thinks of Statflo
"With Statflo, we can get in touch with 100+ customers in under an hour. It's a great way to reach out to people to promote new things we have going on our side."
Derek Lindstrom
Area Sales Manager, Next-Generation Wireless
What Wendy Drummond from Premier Locations thinks of Statflo
"Nobody wants to be called anymore. Telemarketing has become the dinosaur of outreach. When trying to reach customers that way, you hit a wall."
Wendy Drummond
CEO, Premier Locations

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