Enterprise-grade security

Trusted by companies in the most regulated industries. Your data security and compliance requirements are our top priority

Enterprise-grade security features

Your data, protected at every layer

We enable encrytion of sensitive systems at the rest and in transit over public networks. Any PII or sensitive business data is only used to provide your services with strict controls around who and what systems can access it.

AICPA SOC Certification

Statflo successfully completes SOC 2 Type II certification to intensify its commitment to data security

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Security and privacy features you can trust

Database Security
We host your data in its own secure database that is never accessible by other customers.
Brand compliance
Brand Compliance
Validate that conversations match your brand standards and tone.
Country of Origin
If requested or local laws apply, we can separate your data by country of origin.
Activity Auditing
Activity Auditing
Detailed audit trails of user activity enable you to comply with reporting requirements.
If a customer requests access to (or removal) of their data, we can help you comply with local laws.
DNC Handling
DNC Handling
We include many ways to maintain internal and external DNC lists.
We enable encryption of sensitive systems at rest and in transit over public networks.
Data Recovery
We regularly back up your data and provide a maximum 24-hour guarantee.
PII & Data Privacy
Any PII or sensitive business data is only used to provide your services with strict controls around what systems can access it and who.
Physical Security
AWS holds all our systems and has strict physical data center security and environmental controls. Our Toronto office follows strict SOC 2 procedures as well.
Data Usage
Your data is never analyzed for advertising purposes or used without your permission.
Data Ownership
Your data belongs to you and your partners. We won't share your data with anyone.

Your security and trust are critical. We're here to help.

100% hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS adheres to the highest standards including: SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27017.

Service Organization Controls (SOC2) (Type II) Trust Services Principles

Statflo enforces strict procedures for handling customer data.


Our products are designed to protect retailers from heavy fines, such as those around auto-dialling.

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