How telecommunications can improve customer outreach across retail quarters

What you’ll learn

Customer outreach is the best way for telecommunication companies to nurture and maintain the relationships that lead to brand loyalty and retention. 

This consistency of major events in the telecommunications field affords companies a long runway to plan their outreach to be timely, appropriate, personalized, and useful.

With recurring quarterly events, each message is an opportunity to get to know a customer better, so that you’re constantly nurturing the relationship and building the bridge from casual customer to brand ambassador. 

This whitepaper will review some of the major quarterly campaigns that telcos can use to plan their yearly outreach, illustrated with real-life examples from major telco companies, and then discuss specific strategies to make those campaigns more effective.

Key takeaways:

  • Customer outreach can be broken down into relevant quarterly themes and events. 
  • Top telcos are utilizing these recurring events to pre-plan their outreach and reach their customers at appropriate times with relevant information. 
  • Campaigns can be creative within these themes and outreach times. 
  • Improving your outreach strategy improves your customer experience, retention, and bottom line.

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