How FIs Can Hack Growth with Marketing Automation

A new customer era needs new messaging.

What you’ll learn

The financial services industry is quickly evolving, driven by changing consumer behaviour, major leaps in technology, and heated competition from new fintech players. To adapt, many financial institutions (FIs) are embracing digital change with the goal of modernizing business operations. 

As digitization progresses, both its tools and the customers who use them are changing. FIs stand at a crossroads and are faced with deciding their willingness to take the customer experience seriously and how their outreach will reflect this new world. 

In this whitepaper, we examine the challenges and opportunities emerging from consumer and messaging trends, focusing on how FIs can use digital messaging technologies (business texting platforms) to hack growth in a new customer era and maintain a competitive business advantage by giving customers what they now expect. 

Key takeaways:

  • The new customer era demands personalization. 63% of consumers will stop buying from brands that deploy poor personalization.
  • Consumers now expect digital and instantaneous access to the goods and services they use most frequently. 
  • 65% and 51% of banking customers prefer mobile and online channels respectively.
  • More than 70% of consumers want to ask brands questions and get answers in real time
  • 62% of consumers want to engage with brands across multiple digital channels, including text messaging, social media, online chat, and more.

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