Why Business Texting? Use Cases for Financial Institutions

How Financial Institutions Can Fortify Key Pillars with Business Texting

What you’ll learn

As more people adopt digital banking, financial institutions (FIs) need solutions that give customers the convenient and seamless banking experience they now prefer and expect, who want to quickly and easily manage their financial health from any touchpoint or device, at the time of their choosing.

Business text messaging represents a unique opportunity to FIs to overcome these challenges and enhance the digital banking experience. By creating seamless banking experiences that meet customer expectations, business texting can be the engine of a responsive, versatile, and comprehensive messaging strategy that increases customer engagement, boosts bottom lines, drives growth, and builds loyalty throughout individual customer journeys and overall lifecycles. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll examine the benefits of business texting and the most salient use cases where it can be most immediately effective for FIs looking to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive sector and a world going fully digital.

Key takeaways:

  • 85% of customers – including older customers less inclined to technology - prefer to digitally handle everyday banking transactions. 
  • In their everyday dealings with businesses, customers expect a two-way text conversation, whether to proactively reach out to customer support or be alerted to critical information about purchases and services.
  • Sales and marketing, customer support and onboarding, lending and collections can all be positively impacted by implementing a business texting strategy

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