Amplify your conversion rates with business texting

How to get the best conversion rate with texting

What you’ll learn

Traditional methods of consumer outreach, such as telephone calls and emails, are becoming a way of the past. While they still have a place in the sales, marketing and customer service world, when it comes to customer relationship building and retention, new and more effective technologies are emerging.

Texting has integrated seamlessly into our daily lives and is skyrocketing in popularity as a marketing, sales, and customer support tool - beloved by businesses and customers alike. 91% of consumers either already receive business text messages, or are interested in doing so, and 58% say texting is now the best way for businesses to reach them. 

Meeting customers where they are, with empathetic two-way conversations that give them a voice and take them seriously, texting creates a personalized and authentic digital experience unmatched by email or phones - all the hallmarks of a medium positioned to convert.

To get a better understanding of texting conversion rates, Statflo analyzed more than 6 million conversations in our business texting platform. In this whitepaper, we’ll share our findings from this analysis, review why texting is the ideal option for outreach, and review the best practices to get the highest conversion rates for your texting campaigns

Key takeaways:

  • Business texting platforms simplify your outreach and consistently prove high conversion rates.
  • Starting your customer outreach with a text message rather than a phone call or email yield higher response and conversion rates 
  • Despite generally higher response and open rates for texts compared to emails, understanding where each channel plays a role and utilizing a combined approach for your customer outreach is your best bet for building your customer communications.

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