Does this sound like you?

You've invested in building the right retail team and created a network of stores. You've earned a customer base and generated loads of data.

Now what?

Suddenly, it's harder to get and keep customers.

Your competitors are stronger than before, they're armed with data-driven tools to offer personalized service, and customers need more than an email to keep them engaged.

What can you do about it?

Get smarter tools.

We use AI to enable retail associates to start better conversations with customers and create a differentiated, superhuman buying experience.

What's inside Statflo?
Smart Lists

Introducing Smart Lists™.

Every day, Statflo's core engine processes tens of millions of records to proactively start conversations between customers and employees that result in an in-store appointment 20-70% of the time. Smart Lists put the best leads in front of staff, along with what to say.

A proven workflow.

Built on the Statflo platform, our Smart CRM offers a unique workflow optimized for the retail front-line. And with our modules for Salesforce, POS systems and Twilio, we can automatically track conversations that happen via phone, SMS, email or social.

Have your own system? Ask us about our integration APIs.

Customer Detail View

Amazing reports. On-demand.

Access pre-built reports designed for managing front-line staff effectively. From SMB funnel reporting to conversation outcomes, your whole team gets the data they need.

The smartest retail workflow made for front-line superheros.

Deliver the best customer experience. Let's see how we can work together.

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