Statflo is the best way to make your customers happier

Build relationships, grow in-store traffic, and increase sales.

Wireless Subscribers

Consumers are looking for a more authentic and personal relationship with their telecom provider. With Statflo, we build those trusted connections at a local level, either in-person or digitally.

Better customer service

Statflo helps customers receive more proactive support before a problem arises.

Relevant product recommendations

With thousands of smart devices launching over the next 5 years, we help reps recommend the best products matched to each individual.

A more personal approach

Our training programs help carriers and their retail channel have the right conversations via phone or SMS.

Sales Reps

Data-driven prompts make it easy to build a relationship with past customers by helping reps focus on immediate opportunities to make an impact. Get instant feedback on every conversation, and use this to generate new leads and referrals. In short, we help reps save time, build better relationships and earn more money as a result.

Turn idle time into customer time

Reps across the country use Statflo to book in-store appointments and uncover relevant opportunities when the day gets slow.

Data-driven prompts

Statflo auto-assigns accounts for you to manage, maximizing your earning potential and helping you build a loyal following of customers.

A more efficient interface

We've spent thousands of hours with reps and managers over the last several years to build an interface that saves time and encourages better efficiency.

Head Office

All of your stores are capable of growing revenues while offering an amazing customer experience. We've helped hundreds of stores track their ability to do this, and provide tools to coach and reward staff who reduce churn, upsell customers or build relationships.

Smarter lists, based on your data

Deploy time-sensitive campaigns instantly that encourage previous customers to come back to your store, and use predictive analytics to drive product recommendations.

Detailed performance reports

Interactive reports make it easy to track the commission, reviews and activity of each rep. Use to develop rewards programs, ongoing training or identity gaps in performance. Or connect via our API to dive deeper.


You have a vast network of carrier-owned and exclusive retail stores. They are all capable of growing revenues while offering a consistently amazing customer experience. We’ve helped other carriers do this, by providing proven solutions to manage your customer base in an authentic way.

Currently used by providers such as:
Smarter campaigns for better service

Deploy custom campaigns targeting previous customers and enable stores to build stronger relationships.

Detailed Performance Reports

Interactive reporting provides instant insight into campaign performance and can be used to develop new regional offers.

Professional Services

Work with us to embed custom usage data, and predictive upsells into rep-facing screens, empowering them to save time and provide a better customer experience.