Mobile-first, headless sendable experiences.

Send e-signature requests, AR, video call invites, curated shopping carts, or even create instant JAMstack personalized content experiences with your headless CMS. The best of the web can now be added, securely, to any conversation.

The best sendable content experiences for the richest conversations

Conversation bubbles
Thousands of ways to engage your customers
Integrate your favorite marketing and sales tools to send secure links, images, request e-signatures, appointment links, and so much more.
Job well done
Use what you love, all in one secure platform
Build incredible compliant content experiences all from a single open platform, without having to leave to use the apps your love.
Configurable pieces
The most flexible framework for 1:1 content experiences
Our developer-friendly SDKs and APIs anyone to build Sendable experiences with little to no code. And no lock-in.

Connect every app to your business text messaging platform

Use the apps you love, or make your own

Users see only the Sendable experiences that are best for them, without having to hunt through long lists of apps, or jump from tab to tab. Sendables can also be smart, with all the context of the conversation.

Enrich every conversation

Sendables enhance conversations and keep customers engaged by allowing you to do so much more over text.

Embed your favorite apps
Get more done over text
See why thousands of retail locations trust Statflo to enable outreach campaigns at the frontline.