Reach your customers over their preferred channel, inside any app

The most flexible business text messaging platform also allows you to go beyond SMS with FB Messenger, WhatsApp, RCS, push notifications, LINE, email and more.

Add the best business text messaging experience into every channel

Engage with customers over text
Engage customers in their preferred channels
Go beyond SMS to safely connect with customers over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email RCS, and more.
Accept and auto-assign inbound conversations
Messages received from unknown phone numbers can be directed to available agents or put in a lead list for follow-up.
Multi-channel compliance, in every channel
Feel safe knowing that compliance rules apply to all channels of inbound and outbound messaging.
Feature spotlight

What you can do with multi-channel messaging

Multi-channel messaging

Let customers pick their channel

Instantly message customers in their channel of choice, switch channels on-demand, initiate WhatsApp Business notifications, and more.

Same message thread across channels

Unify all messaging channels within a single platform to streamline customer outreach and follow-ups.

Message your customers everywhere
Same message thread across channels

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