A complete customer view, without lock-in

The most flexible SDK to display customer data from any app or system (even on-premise), without complex integration.

Embed secure, flexible widgets to reflect the right customer data

Embed the apps you love, all from one flexible framework
Our smart widget SDK allows you to easily add context to any conversation from any CRM, ticketing system, e-commerce engine and more.
Full control of what users  see, with a full audit trail
Control what data users can see, redact sensitive info, choose when users see specific widgets and more.
Mix and match, from any vendor
Our Widget SDKs and open APIs allow IT teams or integrators to connect disparate systems without complex integration.
Feature spotlight

Reflect customer data from applications you already use

Example of what a widget will look like

Display data or content from anywhere

Embedded web apps can be hosted anywhere (in-house or on any cloud), can be interactive, and can automatically update as a conversation evolves.

Suggest the next best action

Widgets could show eligible subscribers, previous transaction history, customer touch points, as well as provide training guidance for users.

Make TextKit your own

With the help of flexible APIs, you have the ability to configure the user interface based on your business needs.

Embedded customer information
Show important customer data
Configure your interface
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