Market-leading compliance engine.

Intelligent filtering ensures your frontline uses business text messaging to have conversations that adhere to legal, security and brand compliance rules.

The most configurable compliance rules to enable 1:1 outreach

Block undesirable content before it gets sent or received
Intelligent filtering allows you to configure what to restrict, including PII, profanity, and risky phrases.
Enforce and manage multi-channel opt-outs
Check against every DNC source, prevent contact by channel, and automatically handle opt-in.
Comply with TCPA, CASL, industry and consent regulations
Comply with implied consent exemptions, data storage rules, and legal notice requirements.
Feature spotlight

Enforce strict compliance rules to protect your frontline and your customers

Example of smart filtering features

Eliminate risks from messaging customers

Securely enable messaging with filtering rules that enforce legal, security and brand compliance and stop anything undesirable from being sent or received.

Stop anything bad from being said or sent

Safeguard against inappropriate content, prohibited words and phrases to prevent losses resulting from legal issues, negative brand image, etc.

Handle opt-outs and Do-Not-Contact (DNC) lists

Adhere to legal compliance and local regulations with keyword-based opt-outs and DNC list management.

Real-time compliance
Configure prohibited words and content
Opt-out and DNC handling
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