Create and assign outreach campaigns to your frontline

Connect or import outreach campaigns from your favourite marketing and sales platforms using our open APIs.

Use business text messaging to make outreach a team effort

Work with what you know
Connect your systems
Use our APIs to directly connect your sales, service and marketing platforms to execute on campaigns at the front-line.
Chat starters
Make Chat Starters do the work for you.
Create Chat Starters tied to campaigns, in multiple languages, to ensure the right message is sent to the right person, every time.
Targeted campaigns
Improve targeting
Create hyper-local outreach campaigns to build one-to-one relationships, using the phrases and expressions from their community
Feature spotlight

Connect campaigns and assign outreach faster than ever

Use your existing contact strategy

Connect your existing campaigns from your marketing platforms such as Adobe, Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and more, using our open APIs.

Organized business text messaging

Optimize customer outreach with a richer conversation lifecycle, custom stages, automated assignment and a simplified UI.

Connect campaigns
Organize your conversations
See why thousands of retail locations trust Statflo to enable outreach campaigns at the frontline.