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About Statflo and it's adorable dinosaurs
OUR Vision

Enabling companies to delight customers through intelligent 1:1 personalized conversations.


Our values shape the way we're transforming the retail journey

Be Curious.
Explore new ideas and be willing to take risks to strive for new growth opportunities.
Be Genuine.
We create trust and collaboration through open and honest communication.
Be Accountable.
We strive to set realistic commitments and deliver on those commitments.
Be Results-driven.
We are one team, working towards the same outcome by supporting each other to achieve collective goals.

Behind the Scenes at Statflo

“I’m lucky to work with an amazing group of individuals, that together, has made for a powerful team that leads the business texting industry. Our genuine curiosity, coupled with accountability throughout the team, has produced mindboggling results and I feel we are just getting started. E pluribus Unum (Out of many, one).”
Peter Macnee


Since 2012, we've focused on creating a better buying experience using retail data. We started with Audit™, to better track rep performance. In 2014, we launched Smart Lists™, patent-pending lists of customers who are at risk or likely to buy. After several years of planning, we launched Retail Conversations™, the first compliant one-to-one tool for starting retail conversations over messaging. In 2017, we then launched Transform™ to create better campaign outcomes using cleaner data.

In 2018, millions of conversations were started by retail staff using Statflo, resulting in double-digit conversion rates and thousands of dollars of additional monthly profit per store.

In May 2018, Statflo announced its $12M Series A funding round, bringing total funding to $16.5M.

Today, with the launch of TextKit, Statflo is proud to be the leading solution for retailers to execute on outreach campaigns and build fully compliant, consistent, quality relationships.


10,000+ frontline employees use Statflo's outreach solutions, including retailers with hundreds of stores, large national chains and Tier 1 national telecom carriers.

Honours & Awards

2021, Certified Great Place to Work® (GPTW)
2020, Canada's Best Workplaces for Today's Youth (GPTW)
2020, Canada's Next $100M Companies (MaRS)
2020, Best Workplaces in Ontario (GPTW)
2020, Certified Great Place to Work® (GPTW)
2020, Best Workplaces for Inclusion (GPTW)
2019, Certified Great Place to Work® (GPTW)
2018, Salesforce Accelerate program graduate
2018, Top 10 Best Workplaces in Canada (GPTW)
2018, Best Workplaces in Canada for Millenials (GPTW)
2018, Best Workplaces in Canada for Inclusion (GPTW)
2015, CIX Top 20 (Top 20 Innovative Companies in Canada)
2015, "48 Hours in the Valley"

Diversity & Inclusion

Statflo strives to foster a genuine and inclusive environment where diversity drives innovation, through the curiosity and creativity that stems from our most valuable asset - our people.  We are committed to a non-discriminatory approach to create an equitable environment for all of our stakeholders – that includes our employees, our clients, and our partners.  It is imperative that that we appreciate and accept the differences of individuality to continuously sustain an environment where everyone is comfortable, heard and valued.