"What are we doing?"

Let people be people
and automate the rest

Humans are great at conversations, but we suck at remembering. When retailers don't stay top-of-mind, customers simply don't come back.
Statflo is a retail enablement company. We're 100% focused on driving more person-to-person, local conversations that happen in the channel a customer prefers. It's actually one of our KPIs.
Since 1994, our team has worked in sales enablement and marketing. In 2008, we built tools to let businesses chat with customers via SMS. When we formed Statflo in 2012, we set out to combine all our experience to use AI to create the best workflow for retail reps to drive sales.
Today, we work with telecom carriers and large retailers around the world to create a customer-first buying experience, one that goes back to basics and turns each retail rep into a trusted local advisor.
Statflo is a venture-backed growth company whose investors include Extreme Venture Partners, MaRS IAF, TIO Networks, Globalive Capital, Round13 Capital, Rising Tide Fund, Garage Capital and a number of strategic angels.

"What kind of company is Statflo?"

Being driven means being in it to win. It means continuing to lead the category of front-line enablement. It means knowing what the market wants, years before they know it themselves. And doing our homework. Drive is what we look for, and it's how we operate, hire and engage with customers, partners and stakeholders.

Like onions, we've got layers too. Here are some values that run deep within us.


Trust is the cornerstone of everything we do. We strive to be the most caring person in a room, listening intently to current and potential customers like their words were pure gold. If we're saying that we help retailers build trust within their community, we need to do the same with ours.


Retailers today rely on us to handle their 3 biggest assets: (1) accessing and managing sensitive data (2) prioritizing each day of their retail staff (3) their customer relationships. This means handling each with extreme care, and not building things that could damage any of these 3. This principle means we take the extra week or month to think through the best solution.


Youthful energy fuels us and motivates everything we do. Our users are young retail reps (or managers who are young at heart) and we speak to them as peers, not as a cold corporation. Living in a mobile, wireless world should be pure joy. And it's how we work. We've enjoyed every step of our journey and that positivity and hope is infused into every part of Statflo.

Proudly backed by over a dozen investors, including:

Extreme Venture Partners
Round 13 Capital
Rising Tide Fund

We’re here, and we’re moving forward. Fast.

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